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Black Light Burns

Cruel Melody

When this Wes Borland led band was introduced nobody really knew what it would be like. It was going to be dark and edgy, that’s a given. And you had to know it wasn’t going to be anything like Limp Bizkit. Wes fit in just fine in Limp Bizkit- he was just the only guy that you could give any kind of credibility to. You also had to know that it was going to have some industrial elements to it because of all of the Nine Inch Nails alumni connected to the project. With Black Light Burns’ “Cruel Melody” there are two things that weren’t expected; HOW industrial this music is and how good it is. The album is full of industrial tracks; “New Hunger” is a slower/industrial track. “Animal” is one of the better songs on the album and the electronic work in the verse mixed in with the quality instrument work and the song-writing make it work extremely well. “Animal” should be your second single. “4 Walls” is the other “industrial-type” track that sticks out to me. The verse has NIN all over it. The less-industrial tracks are just as good as the heavily-industrial influenced tracks. “Lie” (the first single) is another great track although it’s more straight-forward modern rock opposed to industrial. “Mesopatamia” isn’t really industrial- there are some underlying moments but it’s not robotic enough to be industrial and the elements involved are quirkier rock elements instead of droning elements. The title track- “Cruel Melody” is brilliant. It’s hard to pin down what you can compare it to. Think Everlast a little bit, but with some electronic rudiments behind it. Black Light Burns “Lie” exceeded my expectations and it had to have exceeded a lot of others expectations too. Borland will forever be linked to Limp Bizkit because it had a strong run of being the biggest band in the world, but the new album definitely shows that Borland is far from being one-dimensional and is extremely talented. This is more than worth checking out.


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