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Circus Diablo

Circus Diablo

Circus Diablo rocks and this album does too. Its a little cold upon the first listen, but it gets better the second listen. Billy Morrison might be in third when it comes to the Fuel connection of lead singers, but it’s not to say he’s bad. His chops are damn-near perfect on the whole album; really shining on “Loaded”, “So Fine”, and “Rollercoaster.” The songs are crafted excellently. There’s a lot of sense to them, but they remain somewhat unpredictable too. In terms of song strength there’s a lot here, it’s just not that obvious. The single “Loaded” takes a couple of times for the hook to catch so it probably wasn’t the best choice. “Commercial Break” is more than pointless, artistic is fine but the track borders obnoxiousness. If it weren’t two and a half minutes long it would be fine. “Rollercoaster” is the best track on the album because it’s instantly likeable. Runners up for best track- “So Fine”, and “Hello, Goodbye.” Musically this band is awesome. Billy Duffy (The Cult) does some great work, as does Ricky Warwick (The Almighty.)Brett Scallions does a capable job on bass but his backup vocals add the real muscle. Matt Sorum did the drums on the album (Velvet Revolver, Guns ‘n’ Roses) which are amazing, and added with Morrison’s work all of that makes for an enjoyable listen. The best thing about Circus is that they’re still a supergroup but they don’t go off and constantly indulge in their own talents. They keep everything steady and work together. With the consistent weirdness of the Fuel break-up being an issue because of all the news involved with the band’s current and former members it’s hard not too biased towards any one project. That being said, once you put that stuff to rest Circus Diablo is awesome. If there were a Grammy category for best supergroup it would go to these guys because their songs are better than all the other groups. However, you have to wonder if this is just a one-time thing or a full time thing because of the profiles of all the members and their work with other bands/projects.


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