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No More Kings

No More Kings

No More Kings first album released through Astonish Records shows the potential of one of the best new bands to come out in 2007. This band sounds like Maroon 5, but with a catch. Where M5 songs are filled with anger and bad karma of sorts, NMK songs are filled with positive energy and humor. The musicianship of the whole band shines through on the album, but the duo of Neil Robbins and Pete Mitchell prove to be an awesome combination. Robbins’s guitar work and production is excellent and Mitchell’s vocals and songwriting is excellent as well. These guys have the potential to be amazing down the line, and that’s really shown on the first four tracks. “Zombie Me” is a goofy and instantly lovable. “Sweep the Leg” is almost as goofy as “Zombie Me”, but a little less lovable. “Michael (Jump In)’ is the perfect balance between Mitchell’s 80’s influences and this band’s funk, and “Someday” is a pop song that can only be described as perfect. If this was released to radio with major label determination, it’d be in the top 10- easy. That being said there are some problems with No More Kings. The album is basically a “love-letter to the 80’s” and that’s fine, but it just seems like such a waste. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the 80’s too; The Karata Kid, The Breakfast Club, all of that stuff it’s great, but it’s better to have a song inspired by the 80’s not half of your album. This debut album is heavily influenced by the 80’s pop culture and while it works on songs like “Sweep the Leg” and “Someday” it doesn’t work all the time. Also, even the songs that have the 80’s vibe going on there’s still a goofy aspect going on. And while that aspect is lovable it always comes back to relevance. If these songs were serious they’d be accpted on a wider basis and they’d get better exposure. It’s non-serious songs aside there’s no denying that No More Kings has the talent to do whatever the hell they want to. There are about six songs on this album that you have to listen to, and while the rest aren’t that great, they are good. The bottom line with No More Kings is they have all the talent in the world, and who’s to say they’re not using it the way they should? Here’s hoping Pete Mitchell gets his heart broken about a thousand times over until they get ready to record the next No More Kings album. That way there songs would not only have meaning, but Pete’s voice would have more soul to it. Sorry Pete, but go get dumped!


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