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Velvet Revolver


The biggest problem with Velvet Revolver and any super-group is it’s hard to relive or separate yourself from something so relevant and popular in one era to something that’s relevant and popular today. That’s the main problem with Velvet Revolver. There’s no way in hell that this band will ever shake the stigma that this is Guns ‘n’ Roses being fronted by Scott Weiland of STP. For the band’s part though, the good news is they actually embrace that instead of run away from it. I’m not so sure Velvet Revolver embraced that through their first effort, 2004’s “Contraband”, but they do that with 2007’s “Libertad.” Few musicians in history can leave their print on something without singing. More than Axel Rose’s unique voice that’s what made Guns ‘n’ Roses successful. Every member of the band left their own print on every song they did; Slash on guitar, Matt Sorum on drums, and Duff McKagan on bass. All of them leave their print with Velvet Revolver too, and that’s never a bad thing, it’s just proves to be impossible to shake the Guns ‘n’ Roses sound. The GNR members are added to with the ever-capable hands of Dave Kushner as a second guitarist. Not much can be critiqued musically with this group. They’re good and they know it. Like the Guns ‘n’ Roses members STP’s Scott Weiland is recognizable, even more recognizable by 90’s rock fans, less recognizable by 80’s rock fans obviously. Weiland’s voice is his and no one else’s. You know what this is going to sound like but what about the music? It’s good, not great but good. This batch of songs is better than “Contraband” as a whole, but three or four tracks stand out above the rest. The single “She Build’s Quick Machines” is excellent, as is the in your face “Get Out the Door.” The high point of the album has got to be “Can’t Get it Out of My Head.” It’s a ballad that not only the band plays well but Weiland sings amazingly well too. If it makes sense to ever have a vocalist in the pocket, it makes sense here. Weiland is controlled and composed on the song and it adds to it opposed to overdoing it and taking away from it. Great song. This is an improvement from “Contraband” and that’s a bonus, but a lot of the songs could just be placed next to those songs and nobody would know the difference. While this is just Guns ‘n’ Roses being fronted by Scott Weiland there are worse things. And while this band can’t seem to find a good mix of STP and GNR it still provides a great listen for fans new and old.


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