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An End Has a Start

Different is good, and as far as Editors go, they’re definitely different. Tom Smith’s voice is deep but still has a sweetness to it that’s unmatched to anybody else that’s come out recently. Musically the band is different too. All of their songs are unpredictable but remain solid. If you don’t really get how these guys sound, think of some kind of weird combination of Bloc Party/Coldplay/Snow Patrol with some retro influences. After releasing an amazing debut “The Back Room”, Editors release their sophomore album “An End Has a Start” here in the U.S. through Epic. Although it’s not as good as their debut, this album is still pretty good. The single “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors” is amazing. The swirling instrumentation along with the choir work and general unpredictability of the track combined with Smith’s voice give the track an element of controlled chaos that makes it a great listen. “An End Has a Start” is another superb track by Editors that is reminiscent to Bloc Party but still shows signs of older 80’s British influences. “Push Your Head Towards the Air” is a mellow song that has outstanding guitar work, and really shows how good of a group of songwriters Smith and Co. are. With a lot of great songs and only a few misses “An End Has a Start” is something worth checking out. Although it’s not as good as “The Back Room” few albums are. I’d recommend checking out both albums if you’re not familiar with Editors. That’s the problem with amazing debuts; they’re almost impossible to follow up on. If you’ve been looking new to listen to this summer, check out these guys. Great stuff.


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