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Bleed the Dream

Killer Inside

After suffering and enduring more than a band should have to deal with, Bleed the Dream is back with a great album. They had lost their drummer; Scott Beileb passed away due to cancer in April of 2005. Not only that but they’ve had to deal with a vocalist change from original lead Brandon Thomas to Mark Holmes. I don’t think if the music was worth it Bleed the Dream would have continued on, but it was and so they are. The best of Bleed the Dream is their sound. It’s screamo, but it also has a ton of different elements thrown into it that make it compelling. There’s punk, there’s rock, there’s even what sounds like 80’s ballad rock here. And with that type of music incorporated with screamo/emo and the band’s darker lyrical content it makes for a good listen. That kind of variety with their sound and with their influences is what makes Bleed the Dream a good band. Every track on “The Killer Inside” is decent. There are some songs that have less than others, “You’ll Have to Lie, To Be Honest”, “Drowning is Painless?!”, and “Considering… This Time It Was Me.” The songs aren’t bad there’s just a small quality wrong with each one. “Considering… This Time It Was Me”, is repetitive; lots of bands have done similar songs. “Drowning is Painless?!” runs in with the first 8-9 tracks on the album. And “You’ll Have to Lie, To Be Honest” is the strongest among the weakest of sorts; although it’s a good track it’s lacking that little extra something to make it special. As for the highlights on the album “Tell Someone Who Cares” is awesome. “A Killer Inside” is extremely deep and emotional. “Vampires… Don’t Kill for the Money” is where the 80’s ballad rock sound comes into play, mixed with the emo lyrics it’s a little strange, but on my take it’s the best song on the album. The other song that stands out is “Beaten & Blindfolded”; it comes close to being better than Vampires, but isn’t near as unique which is why it’s not as good. “A Killer Inside” is a big accomplishment for Bleed the Dream, as it would be for any band, but considering all the band has been through the past couple of years it’s an even bigger accomplishment. Not only did they lose their drummer tragically to cancer, they switched lead singers, and pretty much did a 180 from their previous work. If you’re into screamo you should be into Bleed the Dream. They’re different from any other band in the genre, and they’re better than most of them too.


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