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Evans Blue

The Pursuit Begins When This Life Ends

Fans, (especially here on Alternative Addiction) showed some serious love to Evans Blue with their last release “The Melody and The Energetic Nature of Volume.” Critics though… not so much. And the obvious question is why?. Evans Blue is vastly different from everything else out right now, and they’re better than 99% of the bands out right now too. Evans Blue returns in ’07 with “The Pursuit Begins When This Life Ends” and with no signs of a sophomore slump. The new album isn’t just as good as Melody… it’s better. If you’ve got your head in the sand when it comes to Evans Blue and you haven’t heard of them before- think of Evans Blue as early Staind, except more artistic and with songs about life; not just self-hate or separation. The band’s numerous styles and high quality of playing/recording are evident on “The Pursuit…” There’s absolutely no reason why Pursuit shouldn’t be praised by fans and critics alike. There’s not a bad song on this album and it has a unique concept to it about letting go of the negative things you’ve done and the remorse you have from them so you can continue with your life. It’s a complex concept to be sure, and I’m not entirely sure if I’ve got it right. That kind of aspiration has to be recognized though. When art is allowed in the music industry today it deserves to be mentioned, and if it’s good it deserves to be praised. This deserves to be praised. Some of my favorite tracks from the album… “In a Red Dress and Alone” ,“Q”, “Dear Lucid, Our Time is Right Now”, and “The Pursuit” This is another strong album to be released in 2007, and it’s in the upper echelon of that strong group. It’s artistic, it’s creative, it’s unpredictable, and it’s catchy. Mostly though, it’s just damn good. My biggest recommendation for you is to pick this up and listen through it several times over. It deserves it. Also a tip for you; this album has the best ending of any album to come out in YEARS. This review does not.


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