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Angels and Devils

Fuel guitarist and songwriter Carl Bell could very well be the best song writer on the planet. I know there are a lot of song writers out there that do a variety of things, but only Bell could resurrect Fuel with a new drummer AND a new lead singer. In many ways Fuel lost the most identifiable part of it, but with an amazing amount of pressure Bell delivered with an outstanding set of songs and Fuel delivered with an awesome new album. “Angels and Devils” biggest strength is its songs. I guess when you have 3-4 years to write a set of songs you’re going to have a pretty group. Bell/Fuel has that here. The single “Wasted Time” is one of the best songs Bell’s ever written. The opener “Gone” goes to the top of Fuel’s list of kick-ass rock numbers. “I Should Have Told You”, “Halos of the Sun”, and “Angels Take a Soul” are three songs that in terms of music and quality could go on any Fuel album in the past ten years and fit in just as well then as they do here. The biggest highlight on the album comes with “Leave the Memories Alone”, (which almost didn’t find it’s way on the album; listen to the Fuel interview.) Memories is another great song by Bell and it’s probably the best song of many great songs on the album by new lead singer Toryn Green. Talking about Toryn Green, he did an amazing job. As a Fuel fan I really didn’t think that it was possible for Brett Scallions to be replaced, (which in many ways that will never happen), but Green does an amazing job. You would think the fact that Fuel has a new lead singer would just haunt you through listening through the entire album. The truth of that is that you don’t even notice, the songs are so good and Green does such an amazing job that it’s really not a factor. The only time you notice Green is when he hits a note that Scallions wouldn’t have or when he does something amazing. Green is damn-near perfect here and I don’t see how he could have done any better. Or how any else could have done better for that matter. “Angels and Devils” might be Fuel’s best release to date. It’s similar to when the band first really came on with “Sunburn.” The band was around for a few years before the release of that album but that was their birth into mainstream rock. “Angels and Devils” is the rebirth of Bell and Fuel out of a burst of flames into the forefront. Fuel’s back and better than ever.


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