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Ryan Adams

Easy Tiger

A lot of musicians take a lot of time off between albums to do a lot of touring, to wind down; maybe they take a little extra time recording that new album so they don’t have to hit the road right away. Not Ryan Adams. Adams has now put out nine albums in seven years including what amounts to be three in a year from 05-06. I don’t really see a lot of time off there for Adams. RYAN ADAMS SPITS ON TIME OFF! Maybe not, but he definitely keeps busy. The ninth Ryan Adams album hit earlier this summer titled “Easy Tiger.” The new album is easily the best album Adams has put out recently, and although it’s not his best album it definitely ranks up there. This album is a little more relaxed than previous efforts and it also has a calmer vibe to it than most of his prior works. The alt-country numbers are still here, and this go around they populate most of the tracks. The country songs don’t all sound differently, but they’re written differently and that’s what makes them special. There’s really only one rock song here- “Halloweenhead” and it’s one of Adams’s best. Other excellent tracks on this album; “Goodnight Rose”, “Two”, “Everybody Knows”, and “The Sun Also Sets.” This album actually starts out perfectly. Through the first five tracks you start thinking this could be the best Adams album. After track 5- (which is “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.” something gets lost. It’s not totally lost, I just don’t think that the songs after etc. are as good as everything before it. There are times of genius, but on some of the songs they’re just boring and normal; kind of like Adams just went through the motions with them. This is Ryan Adams so I was actually expecting something completely different with this album. Especially since the first song I heard before the album came out was “Halloweenhead.” Instead Adams put out an album with nothing ground-breaking, some great songs, and nothing below average. That being said it’s actually refreshing to see him take a step back and just do what he’s good at; delivering a good album with a lot of excellent songs.


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