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Live at Madison Square Garden- DVD Review

O.A.R.’s “Live From Madison Square Garden” DVD is another great live set from a band that is no stranger (no pun intended) to great live sets. It’s a two-disc set that contains a feature film called “Behind the Back Line” on disc one and the entire concert from Madison Square Garden on disc two. Disc two is stellar as usual. The band plays all of their big songs excellently here including “Love & Memories” (which they opened with), “Hey Girl”, “Crazy Game of Poker”, and “City On Down” just to name a few of the band’s excellent songs. The crowd is into the band is into it, everybody is into it and it makes for a great DVD. The first disc is a cool behind the scenes look at O.A.R. that features stories from fans (not big on) some back history on the band as told by the band (really big on) and a look at what the band does back stage and their interaction with their fans (big on again.) The fan stuff feels a little hokey, but that’s really okay because it’s a small part of the DVD. The band telling stories on how they got together, where they got their name and even the origins of “Crazy Game of Poker” are definitely welcome. The highlight of the DVD is the inclusion of a new song “Living in the End” which hopefully will hit radio when they release a new album sometime in the near future. A full 2 hour concert on DVD on disc two, a feature film on disc one, there’s really not a bad thing to say about the new O.A.R. DVD. This is definitely recommended if you’re a fan of the band or just a fan of live DVDs.


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