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Bam! Volume 1

The formula for Sister Hazel hasn’t changed a lot over the years. Great band + great songs= great music. There’s not a whole lot more to the band other than that. That fact alone makes it surprising that recently the band released “BAM!, Volume 1”; a collection of B-sides that never got put on albums for whatever reasons over the years. This is another great set of songs from Sister Hazel; honestly they could have been lazy and just went into the studio and rerecorded them and put out a “new” album. Nobody would have known the wiser. From track one to track fifteen this album is listenable all the way through. Some songs will catch your attention more than others; “What Kind of Living”, “Boy Next Door”, “Sick to My Soul”, and “Grand Canyon.” Those songs are great but that’s not my favorite part of this album. The coolest part of this album is how the original songs are here from when they recorded them. There are songs on here from 1999 to 2005 and it really makes for a cool listen when you’re going through the album. The early songs are rougher around the edged while the newer songs are well-produced and smooth. Vocalist Ken Block sounds slightly different in the early songs to how he does now – which is another cool thing to check out with this disc. I’m not going to ramble off which songs came from which year- it’s more fun to listen through and check it out for yourself- but I will tell you that there’s an even distribution of songs from different time periods and it’s an awesome thing to check out.While this is Sister Hazel’s “B-Sides” disc the songs on it are good enough on their own to make an album with- a rare thing for a B-Sides disc to accomplish. With great songs and an audible growth of how the band has developed over the years, this is worth checking this out. This album is a must for any Hazlenut.


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