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Music From Regions Beyond

Nick 13 and a supporting cast, (the rhythm section of Tiger Army has changed repeatedly), make up Tiger Army. The California-based band is in a genre of its own pretty much, mixing in the rockabilly style of acts like Brian Setzer and delivering it through modern punk sounds. It sounds like a weird combination that really shouldn’t work, but a combination of Nick 13’s song writing skills and the great work by whoever plays upright bass for the band- (here it’s Jeff Roffredo) make it work. The guitar and the sound of Tiger Army is different from track to track but the one with that stays consistent is the upright bass. It’s just pounding along like something out of the 50’s and 60’s, and it just makes it sound cool. The new Tiger Army album, “Music from Regions Beyond” is the most diverse album that Tiger Army has put out, and while the credit immediately goes to Nick 13 because it’s always been his thing, the new members of the band Jeff Roffredo and James Meza change the way the songs are delivered, there seems to be more urgency here and you want that out of a punk band’s rhythm section. Track wise the one real standout has got to be “Afterworld”, it’s one of the best songs 13 has penned and the upright bass mixed in with 13’s guitar work on the track meshes perfectly. Some other tracks where this band really shines include the dramatic “As the Cold Rain Falls”, and the punkabilly perfection of “Pain.” While this band is incredibly unique they still strike me as something that’s almost average. Don’t get me wrong I like what this band does, but punk has been at the forefront of music for a decade now even the stuff that’s unique is starting to get repetitive. With a basis of music alone as a punk album this is great, it’s diverse with lots of different elements incorporated, the songs are great, and the musicians playing on the album are better. If you’re really into today’s punk but you’re looking to branch out and do something different but not too different Tiger Army is something you’ll want to check out.


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