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Paper Walls

While a lot of the hardcore Yellowcard fans didn’t like where the band went with “Lights and Sounds”, most of them eventually embraced the album and the band gained a lot more fans with an awesome release. “Lights and Sounds” was a huge leap from “Ocean Avenue.” The growth of the band between the two albums was staggering. If you thought the improvement between “Ocean Avenue” and “Lights and Sounds” was impressive, wait until you get your hands on the new album. Yellowcard’s “Paper Walls” is one of the best albums to come out in 2007, and it’s definitely THE best album to come out in ’07 with anything related to pop-punk. It’s really not even fair to compare their stuff to pop-punk anymore because as a band they have evolved well past that sub-genre… they’re just a big-ass rock band now. From track one to track thirteen this album is excellent. There’s not a miss here. Out of thirteen tracks there are 10 amazing tracks and 2 that border amazing. The first six tracks on the album are awesome. “The Takedown” and “Fighting” are harder tracks that deliver the same way that the brunt of the songs on “Lights and Sounds” did. The single “Light Up The Sky” is destined to be a number one Alternative single, and look out for the HUGE crossover potential of the fourth track on this album, “Keeper” can be more than just a number one alternative single, it can be a number one period. It’s that good of a song. The one song that does miss with this album though is “Dear Bobbie” it’s one of the slower Yellowcard tracks like “View From Heaven” from “Ocean Avenue” or “How I Go” or “City of Devils” from “Lights and Sounds.” The song is just okay, but next to the rest of the songs on this album and the indulgence of the old man talking during the track; it feels more like Baz Luhrman’s stupid sunscreen song than Yellowcard. This is an album you HAVE to pick up. If you thought “Lights and Sounds” tromped everything that “Ocean Avenue” did, this record pummels “Ocean Avenue” and puts a pretty big dent in “Lights and Sounds.” This is Yellowcard’s best work and hopefully everyone will stand up and take notice. This could be the album of the year.


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