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The Bravery

The Sun And The Moon

I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about this album and how good it is. This is a follow up to the band’s 2005 self-titled album that was generally met with a lot of praise. This album though has generally been viewed as a disappointment, and I don’t understand it. There are 11 tracks (1 intro) on the new Bravery disc and while there are a couple of mediocre songs, every other song on this album kicks ass. Sam Endicott does twice the job he did vocally on the last album, and he was good then too. The other thing that’s a big improvement from the self titled album are they lyrics of Endicott. On “The Sun and the Moon” the content is deeper than the content of their debut. It’s always refreshing when a band is wondering what the hell life is about and searching for meaning instead of wondering why love was lost or gained. The album starts out with one of the strongest tracks on the album; “Believe.” The bass line at the beginning is awesome, the guitar-solo at the end of the album is just as good, and Endicott’s vocal work is exemplary. If you’re just going to skim through this disc or just buy one track from this album this should be the one. It barely beats out the single “Time Won’t Let Me Go” for that honor. “Time Won’t Let Me Go” is one of the better tracks from the album and it proves that the Bravery don’t have to be doing work with a synthesizer to be a good band. The song’s retro feel mixed in with Endicott’s vocals make for a great listen. The other song in the runner up category for best track on this album is “Split Me Wide Open.” It’s a track that fits perfectly on this disc, but it would fit in perfectly on their 2005 release too. Being negative for just a moment; “Tragedy Bound” doesn’t really fit in on this CD. I’m sure there’s an emotional attachment to the song, but when every other track on an album has these huge sweeping songs, it’s hard for a stripped-down track to be as good.“Every Word is a Knife in My Ear” is the other weak song on this disc, only because it’s way too similar to “An Honest Mistake.” The Bravery has released an album that they can be proud of. This album is a big step for these guys to be on top of the musical hierarchy. There are bands that you can tell are on to huge things, and the Bravery is one those bands. You could see it with their debut, and with all of the growth they did on this album it’s clearly visible here. This album is good, look for the next album to amaze you.


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