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The Way We Found It

The general growth on Syd’s new album “The Way We Found It” is nothing short of amazing. Where Syd was generally one dimensional before (it was a good dimension for him) he’s now a complex musician that can definitely craft an intelligent pop song. The songs on “The Way We Found It” are by far and away Syd’s best work. The single “On a Friday” is insanely catchy. The third track on the album “Far Away” is arguably the best song Syd has ever written. “Still Life” is another song that really sticks out as excellent. Syd added more dimensions to the song by taking a lot of way. The old Syd would have had some excellent acoustic guitar parts throughout, which although good would have taken away from the song’s meaning and taken away a lot of power from it. With the new Syd on “The Way We Found It” the verses on “Still Life” are really simple musically but they lead into some complex pop stuff on the choruses. This transition gives the song more power than Syd with an acoustic guitar could do. “The Way We Found It” shows true growth by Syd. How the labels haven’t knocked down the door by now is beyond me. He’s got an excellent fan base, and now he’s got the maturity and the dimensions of a more seasoned artist. Syd’s on the verge of big things.


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