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The Used

Lies for the Liars

The best Used album remains the first Used album. They didn’t have a specific style to them, there was a lot of depth the band and they seemed content with being a band that was just a rock band. They weren’t perfect for making anthems for teen angst, they weren’t punkers, they weren’t metal, they were the Used, and they were good. From the debut they moved on to “In Love and Death”, a huge album that gained them tons of fans with the emo craze. They weren’t exactly emo, but they looked emo and they were close enough. This album is another one of the big follow-ups of 07 because of the success of the previous two records, but the difference between this album and most of the follow-ups of 07, is this is just isn’t as good as the band’s previous work. There are some songs on here that are good like “Pretty Handsome Awkward”, a song about teen angst. The dramatic “The Bird and the Worm” is the most original song on the album, and possibly of this year, and definitely the biggest throw-back Used track on the album “Earthquake.”— (I’m calling this one the next single, although “The Bird and the Worm” is definitely the most original track on the album, this one is the most mainstream accessible and it has the best hook on the album.) There are also some bad songs on this album like “Hospital”, it’s not a My Chemical Romance rip-off but it definitely feels like it. “Paralyzed” is another bad song on this one- again, it’s not a My Chemical Romance rip-off but it definitely feels like it. Everybody compares The Used to My Chemical Romance, but The Used have been around longer and really have a better body of work. If you caught on with the Used when they first started you know how good the debut is, if you caught on with “In Love and Death” check out the debut- it’s even better. Is this a bad album? - No. But was I expecting a lot more? Yes. This isn’t a step backwards for the band, unfortunately it’s not a step forwards either.


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