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Emerson Hart

Cigarettes And Gasoline

After fronting the band Tonic for three major label releases, Emerson Hart debuts with his first solo effort, titled “Cigarettes and Gasoline.” Most would expect that from being the lead singer/songwriter for Tonic that Hart’s solo effort would sound very similar to the music he composed while with his previous band, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While musically this album might not be a black and white comparison to his previous works, lyrically this album is one of the most heartfelt albums to be released in a long while. From the stirring opener “Run To”, to the hook filled single “If You’re Gonna Leave”, Hart has penned some of the most personal lyrics he’s ever recorded. The album digs even deeper into Hart’s emotions with the piano ballad “I Wish the Best for You.” Beautifully arranged, with a building bridge and a towering chorus, this song could be one of the finest on the album. A very close second, though, can be found in the track “Flyin’,” a song about love lost with soaring vocals that will remind fans of Ryan Adams, or the even late Jeff Buckley. The album closes with the title track “Cigarettes and Gasoline,” written about Hart’s father’s mysterious death, a topic that he had struggled to write about for years. Just as Tonic exploded onto the music scene in the mid 90’s due to their incredible debut, Hart has an album impressive enough to emerge as an elite solo artist- a distinction that is well deserved.


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