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Maroon 5

It Won't Be Soon Before Long.

How do you follow up a successful album that had 4 huge radio singles and sold millions of albums? You take your sweet-ass time getting more music out there so the pressures down, that way if the material is not as good as the old stuff, nobody will notice because they’re just happy there’s new material. Maroon 5’s follow up to “Songs About Jane” is called “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.” While the album’s not as good as “Songs About Jane”, it’s close. Probably closer than anybody else thought it could. With SAJ, there was an incredible amount of soul on the album. Not soul the music, but soul the raw emotion and energy. “Songs About Jane” not only had a fresh sound that was easy to get into, but Adam Levine was so deeply connected with his songs that it was easy for fans old and young to connect with them too. With “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.”, that same connection is here, but it’s not as strong. On songs like the single- “Makes Me Wonder”, it’s not that Levine and co. didn’t put as much into these songs as they did last time, you’re just used to hearing this on the radio over and over so you’re a little cold to it. There are some songs that that same connection is made though; The love song “Won’t Go Home Without You”, the Stevie Wonder type song “Nothing Last Forever”, the next potential single “Little of Your Time, and the emotional “Better That We Break”, are the songs that stand out is the best because for whatever reason the connection is stronger between listener and band. So while “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.”, isn’t as good as “Songs About Jane”, there really wasn’t a shot for it to be as good as the previous album. What this new album does for Maroon 5 is something completely different than the old album. Their debut launched them into superstardom and made them the fad for that year, this new album cements them as a household name and one of the world’s elite bands.


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