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The Automatic Automatic

Not Accepted Anywhere

The difference between these guys and the other bands that come out of the U.K. these days, is they don’t base their sound around rock of the past. It’s true that everything is influenced by something else but where other U.K. bands borrow heavily from previous times, The Automatic Automatic only borrow a little bit from different times and genres. They’re a little punk, a little rock, a little pop, a little techno, and a little disco. All of those elements combine to make something entirely unique and refreshing. Think of The Killers on “Hot Fuzz” and then add punk and a guy shouting in the background almost constantly- that’s The Automatic Automatic. On “Not Accepted Anywhere” this band’s ability pounds through the speakers. “That’s What She Said” is a great song. While it will leave you scratching your head a little bit on first listen, it will still catch your attention and you’ll be singing along in no time. “Raoul” is the pick of the album, the verses on the album are dirty and rough but then they translate into this bright shiny chorus. It’s an excellent track. After “Raoul” the next best song on the album goes to Monster, it showcases a darker side of these guys. The first five songs on this album are stellar, but after that it loses a bit of its luster. The songs are still better than average, but the high standard that’s brought on with the first five tracks isn’t met on another track on the album. The Automatic Automatic’s “Not Accepted Anywhere” misses out on being an exceptional album, but it hits dead on for a solid debut from a band you are sure to hear more from.


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