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The Kooks

Inside In The Inside Out

The important thing of note with The Kooks is they’re really not UK import brit-pop. They are more refined than that and they’re style isn’t just more accessible, it’s more creative. Sure they have some songs like the other UK bands that are out right now- (“Eddie’s Gun” stands out as the one that’s the most similar with that genre because of its wild grittiness), but they also have songs like “Naïve” that are polished pop songs but maintain a certain element of rawness that’s rarely found. Although The Kooks are a good band they still have a ways to go. The first six tracks of “Inside In The Inside Out” is generally ignorable. Ignorable because every single band that crosses over from the UK to the U.S. makes this type of music. Then after the first six tracks on the album things get interesting. “She Moves in her Own Way” is so different from the first six tracks that it stands out right away. “Matchbox” is the perfect way to travel between the strong “She Moves in her Own Way” and the stronger “Naïve” even though it does lean a little more towards the general brit-pop sound. The last 5 tracks on the album are completely perpendicular to the first six tracks; they’re more creative where the first six are straightforward. A couple of high points that are reached during that six is the upbeat “If Only”, another softer/creative track “Jackie Big Tits”, and the bluesy “Time Awaits. This young band out of the UK is another great import, not just because they’re good, but also because they’re different from all of the other bands that seem to come out of the U.K. almost biweekly. (There are exceptions obviously Snow Patrol and Keane, but more recently most of the stuff that the U.S. has allowed in has been pretty much the same. Can we please get some Rooster in the U.S.?) If you’re into cleverly crafted pop songs look into the Kooks, if you’re not into them right away stick with it, it gets better.


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