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Not a lot of bands have grown as much as Limbeck has over the years. They started out emo, they moved on from Emo to Alt-Country then they graduated Alt-Country to a more pop sound. They’re back in 2007, but this time they haven’t changed genres as they have finally meshed everything they know altogether (except for the Emo.) On Limbeck’s self-titled and 4th album the band returns with an alt-country/pop sound that is as catchy as it is different. Take the song “Bird Problems” with its clap/stomp rhythm and lead singer Robb Maclean’s sunshine-soaked vocals, the listener can’t help but dive head first into the song because of it’s unique hooks. The same thing can be said for track 2 on the album, “Big Drag.” “Keeping Busy” is another great song on the album; and the song that showcases the band’s merging of their two styles perfectly. It’s a lot pop and it’s country too. Overall this album is a good offering from Limbeck. There are three or four tracks here that can be described as avoidable to ignorable, but there are more good songs than bad ones. If you’re in the mood for something different, check out the latest Limbeck offering.


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