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Daphne Loves Derby

Good Night, Witness Light

Daphne Loves Derby’s second album “Good Night, Witness Light” isn’t just better than the band’s debut, it completely blows the band’s previous album out of the water and makes it somewhat obsolete. With “Good Night, Witness Light”, Daphne Loves Derby has evolved into a full-fledged pop group with only hints of emo, think Jimmy Eat World, but a little rougher around the edges.

“Good Night, Witness Light” is a strong album. The upbeat songs are excellent. “Stronger You and I” is a good opening song (excluding the interlude) that shines with pop brilliance. “That Our Hero Shot” is the best track on the album up to the lead in with the marching band to the subtle use of the marching band stuff in the song. Not only is it unique, but the chorus and the hook are the best on the record. Some other highlights of this album include the slow “Cue the Sun”, and the catchy “The Best Part About It Honey.”
Although there are some weaknesses here, (DLD tends to drone on in places and the song structure gets weak on certain tracks), “Good Night, Witness Light” is a great album. These guys recently lost a big part of their band, (Jason Call went off to college, but even with that loss Kenny Choi still heads up a great band. Look for Daphne Loves Derby should get a call up into the majors sooner rather than later.


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