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Stars of Track and Field

Centuries Before Love and War

The Stars of Track and Field have their full length debut with “Centuries Before Love and War” and I’m a little disappointed. And as far as prog-rock goes it’s weak, and then in terms of normal rock it’s even weaker. There are some good solos, some good intros and some good solos, and there’s even some parts of the album where it’s enjoyable. Kevin Calabo isn’t good on the mic. His voice is whiny and annoying and most of the time it detracts heavily from some of the decent programming. Daniel Baker Orvik does a good job on the drums and with the programming but there’s not a single “normal” track on the album that helps keeps the programming fresh, halfway through this album even that becomes somewhat stale. The lone clear-cut high point of this album is the guitar work by Calaba and by Jason Bell, but most of the time when there is a solo of some kind it’s short lived. There are only a couple of strong tracks on the album. “Real Time” isn’t bad; it’s at least listenable. And the same can be said for two of the final three tracks on the album “Say Hello” and “Exit the Recital” where there’s some solid prog work and better guitar work. The problem with all of these tracks though is Calabo’s whiny voice. It just brings everything down. Fans of electronic/prog-rock will probably like this disc; it’s a medium entry into the genre. Fans who don’t listen to the genre won’t find this as an acceptable way to get started.


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