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Ultra Payloaded

Through the years I’ve discovered you can always count on Perry Farrell. You can count on him to put together some remarkable music and be a little weird while doing it. Satellite Party is Farell’s latest venture and while it is a little weird (Farrell all over) it’s also extremely intelligent in its own unique hybrid-genre of music. You can’t really classify this band into any specific genre. That’s said a lot these days, but the usual artist that says that still has a style, it’s just indefinable. With Satellite Party there’s no particular style. They go from power ballad, to funk-hybrid, to punk(esque) from track to track, and that’s just three styles out of many. This is a strong record that’s rooted not only with emotion from Farrell and company’s ambitions to raise spiritual and world awareness, but it’s rooted with fun too. “Wish Upon a Dog Star” is one of the better pop songs to come out this year. And the band’s cover of Rare Earth’s “Celebrate” isn’t a rip off or a joke at a great song like a lot of other covers that happen these days, it’s a tribute that branches out into its own song. And “Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party” (it’s a track name I promise) incorporates world music into a pop track that’s completely different than anything you’ve heard and while it’s not exactly deep lyrically, it’s a good song. A sure head-scratching favorite on the album though is track 6- “Awesome” (again, it’s a track name I promise) it’s a ballad that’s deep with emotion from Farrell and while it’s packed with feeling and easy to get in to, it’s also a little hilarious because Farrell says the word awesome about five hundred times. With guest appearances on the album from Fergie, Flea and John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jim Morrison, Thievery Corporation, and Peter DiStefano from Porno for Pyros and music that’s unique and creative in its own way, it’s easy to see why Farell put the past four years of his life into this record. Definitely check out Satellite Party.


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