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Everything Starts Where It Ends

The Coldplay connection is used far too much in terms of Lovedrug. Honestly, you can tie very little to what Coldplay has done with what Lovedrug does. Coldplay is generally softer, and although Chris Martin’s voice is high and so is Michael Shepard’s what they do with their voice is completely different. Martin sits back and sings generally relaxed no matter what, while Shepard attacks a vocal with passion and enthusiasm. Lovedrug’s last album, “Pretend You’re Alive” was an excellent debut. It got them a major label deal, (Columbia picked them up before all of their personnel shifting, and then when the higher ups changed they let Lovedrug out of their contract.) “Everything Starts Where it Ends” picks up where “Pretend You’re Alive” left off; with quality music. “Happy Apple Poison” starts your journey on the album. It’s an excellent track that has lots swirling guitar work. The new single from the album, “Pushing the Shine” is an unpredictable track that rocks, same with “Castling.” The song that steals the show though is “Ghost By Your Side.” It’s an incredibly unique track that’s impossible not to get into. When describing Lovedrug there are two words that you can use a lot, unique and unpredictable. Unique is always good, but usually when a band is unpredictable it’s inconsistent. That’s not the case with Lovedrug. From track to track and note to note if you’re not familiar with the album you’ll be surprised with a new aspect of this Ohio band. The best way to describe Lovedrug is controlled chaos; Shepard’s high-pitched, aggressive voice. The swirling guitar work that surround’s him, and the underlying rhythm section. “Everything Starts Where it Ends” is another big step for Lovedrug. If “Pretend You’re Alive” got them a major label deal, this should get them another. Not only is this album better than the last album. Lovedrug is a better band than they were. As this band continues to grow, seemingly the sky is the limit.


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