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Jon McLaughlin


So for males ages 20-30 it’s going to be hard to be a fan of this guy. Mostly it’s because the girls are crazy over him. Proof of that is in an upcoming placement that McLaughlin has on the new Lindsey Lohan movie. But on the other side of that argument, it’s hard not to be a fan of music like this. Jon McLaughlin’s “Indiana” isn’t musically genius because it’s completely different from anything else right now, nor is McLaughlin. You see, with pop music there’s a completely different layer of genius. Crafting a quality pop song is a difficult task. It has to be balanced but it also has to have a certain amount of catchiness in it as well. On McLaughlin’s “Indiana”(written by McLaughlin) there’s a perfect blend of pop not only from McLaughlin but from some of the songwriters he worked with on the album. And when that pop is meshed with McLaughlin’s classical piano training, some incredible songs are produced. Take the first song up on the album, “Industry.” McLaughlin’s piano soars out of your speakers and his voice pores into your ears. On “Industry” McLaughlin’s piano carries the real hook in the song while his voice creates the balance. It’s a slight reverse of what usually happens, but he can switch that up just as easy. Take track 6 “Human” (co-written with Kevin Griffin of Better than Ezra) McLaughlin’s voice carries the hook and the piano keeps the song balanced. The song writing on this album is amazing. Not only the songs that McLaughlin collaborated with some genius song writers on, but the songs he wrote himself. McLaughlin’s talent is real. There are a lot of guys out there with his traits, but not a lot of guys out there with his skills. Kudos goes to Island for seeing that. It doesn’t take much to find a unique talent and let it run its course. But it does take a lot to find a talent and let it develop. I think this is just the beginning for a long line of great things you’ll see from McLaughlin. He’s got the classical background like John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, he’s got the pure talent of Josh Kelley and he’s got soul like Marc Broussard. Look for more from this singer/songwriter.


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