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Highly intelligent, insightful, and passionate; Bright Eyes’ “Cassadaga” is everything music should be. It makes you look at the world in a different way and it makes you look at yourself in a different way. Conor Oberst (the main drive behind Bright Eyes and sometimes the only member of the band) fully submerges you in sound and thought on “Cassadaga.” As usual, the lyrics on this Bright Eyes album are deep. Questioning life in general this is music that you can just sit in the grass and listen to while you think about life. The lyrics on this album are amazing simply put, I don’t know how long it takes Oberst to come up with lyrics like this, but these songs are incredibly thought provoking, and even mind blowing in spots. Sonically this album is just as deep. Some of the songs there has to be hundreds of tracks to because there is so much going on; a psychic talking, background vocals, strings, percussion, everything. Even when everything is stripped away, like song 10- “No One Could Riot for Less” on the first half of the song that’s largely stripped there are still 3 or 4 vocal tracks going on at once at times and one can’t help but get involved into the song. With a run time of approximately 62 minutes and music that’s lyrically and musically challenging it’s easy for music fans to get wrapped up in Bright Eyes. Although casual listeners will probably scratch their heads and move on, independent music supporters and more advanced music aficionados (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a review- nice) will love what Bright Eyes has to offer.


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