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Amber Pacific

Truth in Sincerity

In March of 2006 things were really starting to pick up for Amber Pacific. They were featured in Yahoo!’s “Who’s Next” promotion, they had a single that was garnering some major airplay- “Gone So Long” and their album “The Possibility and the Promise” was doing well. The future was looking bright for Amber Pacific. The future is here now and it just exploded for this group of young musicians.“The Possibility and the Promise” was a decent album. There were three or four good tracks on the album and that was really all there was to it. “Truth in Sincerity” blows P&P out of the water. On “Truth in Sincerity” the true potential that everyone was seeing in this band a little over a year ago has been reached. Where the dramatic pop-punk styles of Amber Pacific could be likened to Yellowcard before; now they’re not just as good, most of the time they’re better. Where certain aspects were left unpolished on the last album and there seemed like there was always something missing; now on this album they are polished and clean and all of the songs are complete. There’s not a track on “Truth in Sincerity” that you can point out as being better than the rest of the album, although there are a couple of standouts. Track 3 “Temporary” is musically one of the best songs to come out this year and the single “Fall Back into My Life” is so insanely catchy it deserves to be played on every radio station across the station on the hour. Punk bands and pop-punk bands usually rely on gimmicks. Yellowcard relies on the violin. Fall Out Boy relies on Pete Wentz’s ability to annoy people and Pat Stump’s voice. Simple Plan relied on the desperation of teenage girls. Most pop-punk relies on a gimmick. The only thing Amber Pacific has to rely on is their musicianship. Matt Young has an amazing voice. William Nutter is insanely creative- playing piano and having some guitar solos on the album that can just be described as special. Greg Strong on bass does a solid job on the rhythm section. And Dango- at least on this CD- is one of punk’s best drummers, (I’ve never seen the band live, but whoever tracked drums on this record should hold some clinics.)If everything goes down as it should these guys should become one of the biggest bands of 2007. This album is one of the more complete punk albums to be released in years. Definitely something every punk fan should listen to and definitely something every music fan should listen to. Welcome 2007’s kings of punk rock- Amber Pacific.


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