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In the year/years of the supergroup here comes the metal genre into the mix with Mudvayne’s Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett combine with Nothingface’s Tom Maxwell and Jerry Montano, and former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. Although this band has an all-star cast of sorts what you’re getting isn’t really an all-star album, but it is consistent. It’s not below average… that’s not what I’m saying. It’s just average or slightly above average. For instance- the opening track “Hellyeah” is okay, but it lacks a certain amount of variety that you would expect to come from an offshoot project. Instead you just get something that’s plain metal. These guys definitely know how to do metal that’s why it’s not bad, but when they branch out that’s when this band is best. Track 2- “You Wouldn’t Know” is a little bit metal and a lot rock, there’s a certain amount of versatility to it that really shows how good this band actually is. Same with “Alcohol” it’s a light acoustic track that blows the metal stuff out of the water. There are some other decent songs on this album, and there are a couple of bad ones too, but there’s really not much else that’s worth mentioning. Track 10 “Thank You” is a novelty song of sorts that’s slightly amusing although it’s not meant to be. For four years in the making this really doesn’t cash in as being what you would think it would be. Instead of a polished effort from a metal super group, you’re actually left with an average listen. Metal fans will dig this, general music fans will be left wanting.


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