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Make Another World

As big of a fan I am of Snow Patrol, the best band to come out of Scotland isn’t Snow Patrol, it’s Idlewild. They’ve been around since 1996, but they’ve never really cared to cater to the mainstream. They’ve been what they are, and they’ve been happy with that. Returning from the album “Warnings/Promises” that was released by EMI, but didn’t get any real kind of publicity, Idlewild is back with “Make Another World.” Interestingly enough, this album is mainstream accessible. The first five tracks on this album are extremely radio friendly; and the four after could be pegged for radio as well. Every song on this album is great, but my personal favorite is “Future Works”, it’s an incredible song that if it was a Snow Patrol song it would be in the top 10 right now- easy. “Make Another World” is diverse, the song writing is excellent and the band is extremely capable from being around for so long. Please take notice of Idlewild. Maybe you’ve heard of them before, maybe you haven’t. But definitely check out what they are doing now.


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