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Third Eye Blind

Out of the Vein

After waiting almost four years, Third Eye Blind has returned with their long delayed third effort, Out of the Vein. After all the delays, a title change, and a complete direction change, we finally get to hear the final product. The opening track 'Faster' presents a nice melody, and sets a nice tone for the album, as does 'Forget Myself' but neither song captures the listener with a hook like many of the Third Eye Blind songs in past have. Perhaps the standout track on the album comes on the song 'Crystal Baller' which showcases Jenkins' songwriting at its best. Also noteworthy is the track 'Misfits' which has some thought provoking lyrics and a great hook. To the occasional Third Eye Blind listener, this may sound like many of their other albums, with a few stand out tracks, and a classic Third Eye Blind sound due in most part to the unique vocals and lyrics of front man Stephan Jenkins. But to the hardcore 3EB fan, this album might come up a little short of the expectations that the four year wait created. On its own, Out of the Vein is a strong album, but compare it with the two other albums in this bands catalog, and Out of the Vein just doesn't sound as impressive


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