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It’s always more enjoyable if you read a metal review if you imagine Yoda is reading it to you. Are you there? Awesome, let’s get started.

So much anger… so much hurt… anyway. Static-X has been around for ten years. That alone is nuts. If your band has been around for 10 years you’ve got to be doing something right, and Static-X always does. They have a sound that’s all their own. They’re a metal band but there is an underlying industrial/techno beat that they use in most of their songs that gives their metal more of a musical style than other bands.

This is another great addition to the band’s prior work. While it’s not as complete as some of their earlier albums it is pretty solid. “Cannibal” comes out just scaring the crap out of you, which it’s supposed to do, ditto to “No Submission”, both excellent tracks. But then the techno/industrial comes out in force on “Behemoth” and really adds something special to the album. “Behemoth” and “Goat” are my favorite tracks with the industrial feel to them on the album, solid stuff. The best track on the album is actually saved for last though “Team Hate”, is an awesome Static track, because it’s one of the more melodic (as weird as that sounds) songs they’ve done, and it just kicks the hell out of your speakers. Something that it’s supposed to do.

While this isn’t the best Static-X album out there, it’s definitely one of the better ones they’ve made. If you’ve never been into Static-X odds are you’re not going to jump right in and love their stuff, and I don’t think this album is going to earn them a lot of new fans. But what it will do is satisfy their old ones, and after ten years they have plenty.


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