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Hot Rod Circuit

The Underground is a Dying Thing

On the band’s 5th full length release, (disregarding “Been There Smoked That”), Hot Rod Circuit is back to top shape following the disappointing “Reality’s Coming Through” which really sucked. “The Underground is a Dying Thing” just proves why these guys have managed to hang around for so long. They’ve been on three different labels now, and haven’t really had any mainstream success with the first two, and I doubt the third time is the charm. The cool thing though is I don’t think it’s meant to be.

My favorite thing about Hot Rod Circuit (except for Reality’s Coming Through) is that they’ve always managed to make music to appease their fans. I guess that’s probably the smart thing to do, but it’s not always the easiest. Longtime fans of Hot Rod will love “Battleship”, it’s one of my favorite tracks of April. They’ll also dig “45’s”, and “Vampire”, as well as “Spit You Out.”

Andy Jackson and company drilled it again. I just wish that the rest of the music community would discover what Hot Rod Circuit fans already know. Hot Rod Circuit perfected Emo in 2002, (more than Dashboard Confessional) and they haven’t just grown up in the genre. They’ve made the genre grow up with them and that’s an accomplishment.


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