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Light Grenades

So in our recent series of long-overdue reviews we visit the latest release from Incubus called “Light Grenades.” The album has done well for Incubus, and rightfully so because this is probably the most mainstream accessible album from the band. Maybe the hardcore Incubus fans don’t like this album as much as the others, but after the band took so much time off and as they introduce their music to a new generation of people they had to make it accessible to those who haven’t really gotten into their stuff before. It just makes sense.

The first single from the album “Anna Molly” is the hardest track on the album, and honestly probably the best. “Anna Molly” is one of the more unique songs the band has done. The intros fantastic, the lyrics are always great with Incubus, and musically “Anna Molly” is creative and catchy as hell. Some other tracks that have a little bit of balls to them include “Light Grenades” and “Pendulous Threads.” After those three tracks the album is generally soft. “Dig” is the most mainstream thing the band has done since “Drive” and it’s not a bad track. The other standout softer tracks on the album include “Love Hurts”, “Diamonds and Coal”, and “A Kiss to Send Us Off.” The one thing I didn’t like about the album though was the inclusion of “Earth to Bella.” I realize there is no doubt an emotional signifigance to the album but the I didn’t like it that much to begin with, I didn’t like part 1 at track 7, and I didn’t like part 2 coming in at track 13.

While the album isn’t as deep as previous albums by the band, it’s still new music from Incubus so you have to love that. You’ll find yourself skipping through a vast majority of the album but the good tracks on the disc will make you play it on a consistent basis and find you digging for it later.


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