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The Boy With No Name

After a four year break, Travis returns with another studio set. And in the past four years a lot has happened to Travis without anything directly happening to Travis. The brand of music that they are responsible for creating has blown up. Without Travis we wouldn’t be enjoying bands like Keane and Snow Patrol, and actually we probably we wouldn’t be enjoying some stuff here in the states like Thriving Ivory. Travis is responsible for the piano rock that we see these days, but the most interesting thing about Travis is the piano rock is not there only dynamic. They’re more versatile than Keane and on par with Snow Patrol when it comes to creativity.

So Travis returns with “The Boy With No Name”, and while not exactly ground breaking it’s another great set from one of the best bands of the past decade. The songs are catchy like they’ve always been, and the has an incredible amount of depth to it. Every song on this album is listenable, and you’ll rarely find yourself skipping ahead. If you’re a fan of albums you’ll love this one, you can listen to it front to back without any moments of boredom. If you’re not a fan of albums though, there’s plenty for you here too. Stand out tracks include “Selfish Jean”, “Closer”, and “Battleships.”

If you’ve never really dug into Travis’s stuff this is an excellent place to start. They’re not doing anything drastically different here, but in this case the formula doesn’t need to be changed; Another excellent album from an excellent band.


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