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The Nightwatchman

One Man Revolution

I’m big on music with an agenda; music that has an agenda to be creative, music that has an agenda to inspire, and especially music that has a political agenda. I don’t know why I like the political stuff so much, maybe it’s because there is a certain amount of brashness and cockiness to it that’s a big #$@# you to the people in charge. I’m a big fan of the political stuff and thus I’m a big fan of The Nightwatchman. Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine fame is The Nightwatchman. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to hear Morello minus the funk-like solos that he’s become synonymous for with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, and to finally hear it is amazing. It’s funny because when most people think of Rage or of Audioslave, they don’t think of Zach De La Rocha or of Chris Cornell; they think of those thick guitar funk type solos by Morello. If I didn’t know better, I would never find a relationship between those solos and the music by The Nightwatchman.

The Nightwatchman stuff is politically charged acoustic folk rock in the vein of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. That’s what comes to mind first, and it hangs out there throughout. Songs like “Let Freedom Ring”, “One Man Revolution”, and the single “The Road I Must Travel” are perfect examples of what Morello is all about, and perfect examples of why you should listen to his music. Morello isn’t championing anti-war politics or anything like that, even though there is mention. Mostly what he’s talking about and what he’s fighting for with his music is the blue-collar worker, and he does it damn well. The Nightwatchman’s “One Man Revolution” is one of the first great albums of 2007, and probably one of the first albums of this year that actually demands to be listened to. Great stuff.


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