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Army of Anyone

Army of Anyone

You have to know that Army of Anyone is another one of the super groups. If you don’t know that by now, or you haven’t heard of the band yet you’ve been in hiding. The band consists of Richard Patrick of Filter fame, Richard and Dean DeLeo from the Stone Temple Pilots, and Ray Luzier- the former tour drummer for David Lee Roth. These guys have only been playing together for about a year, but they have the chemistry together like they’ve been playing in this band their whole lives instead of just a little over a year.

Army of Anyone’s debut album rocks. Right from the beginning it’s easy to see that this band of music vets collaborated with one goal in mind- making great music. This album is near flawless, there’s not a bad track on the set. There are some average songs, but things usually pick up with greatness following. The key tracks on this album, the tracks that you have to listen to include the singles, “Father Figure” and “Goodbye.” But also the opening track “It Doesn’t Seem to Matter” and the reason this band got together, the first song they wrote, “A Better Place.”
This is an album you need to check out. Fans of Filter and fans of STP should instantly catch on with this stuff, but more importantly fans of good music should love this stuff too. Check out Army of Anyone.


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