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My Private Nation

For their third album, and follow up to the Grammy award winning "Drops of Jupiter" Train was certainly up for the challenge of living up to their past success. "My Private Nation" is another solid record from this talented San Francisco band. They kick off their album with the inspirational "Calling All Angles", and contrast it with their cleverly written "All American Girl" which combines Pat Monahan's unique vocal style, with the strong musicianship that only Train can deliver. The album then flows into "When I look to the Sky" which is a beautifully written ballad stirring even the occasional listener's emotions. The album is full of intelligent lyrics, back by a unique delivery, but none is more unique than the albums sixth track, "Get To Me" which showcases this bands incredible talent to write a unforgettable song. On My Private Nation Train manages to once again reinvent their sound, and put together an album that even the most avid music fan would hard pressed to find a band with a more diverse sound.


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