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Monty are I

Monty are I

Monty Are I is a band that’s pegged as being extraordinarily different from other pop-punk bands today. They’re described that way because their punk has a little bit of brass in it. It’s true they try to do some different stuff on this record, but ultimately this album doesn’t do what it’s meant to- stand out. That’s why you might not have heard of Monty Are I yet, it’s strictly because even with the brass, Monty Are I aren’t really different pop punk. That’s what it is, you can’t really color coat it.

The album’s not bad. It’s just pop punk mixed in with moments of a synthesized music and hardcore stuff. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not ground breaking stuff. There are a few good songs on this record. The opening track- “Between the Sheets” isn’t a bad song, neither is the “Dublin Waltz”- it’s one of the more unique songs on the album. There are some other songs that aren’t bad on this set- you’ll just find yourself getting bored by the end of the album.

These guys aren’t bad, they’ve just been labeled as “unique”, “refreshing”, and countless other buzz words by some critics and publicists. They’re not really all that different from your usual punk band, and that tends to hurt them. When you think of Monty Are I- the best reference I have is Yellowcard with brass and some synthesizer instead of strings. These guys are a decent band, and they’ve got potential. It’s just not reached on this album. Nothing horrible, but nothing great either.


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