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Stephen Marley

Mind Control

This isn’t really an “Alternative” album, but a song from the album- “Hey Baby” went for adds on Alternative radio, and the album itself is worth mentioning so that’s why we’re putting up a review.

Stephen Marley’s “Mind Control” is a great set. With the exception of the single “The Traffic Jam”, (which is boastful, boring, and annoying) all of the songs on this album are good, some are even excellent. The opener “Mind Control” feels like a more modern version of something his father would have done. “Hey Baby”, which features Mos Def, is probably the best track on the album. It marries hip hop elements with reggae perfectly, something nobody else has been able to do. Mos Def gets a good assist on this track, if only because his music has always been somewhat artistic where other rappers have rapped about pretty much nothing.

Stephen’s 34 years old and this album has been in the works for awhile. This is a long awaited debut album for reggae fans because Stephen has a voice and style that closely resembles that of his fathers. For them, this album should be viewed as well worth the wait. To the casual reggae listener, or even the non-reggae listener this is album is a surprise. This album isn’t just for reggae listeners, it’s for everybody.


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