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Ari Hest

The Break In

This is half astonishing and half disappointing. It’s astonishing because “The Break In” really showcases how much talent Ari really has. Dude’s amazing. He has one of the best voices out there, and the thing that’s amazing about him is he really never breaks a sweat while using it, but he works hard to write his own music and to be his own artist. Ari Hest’s talent is the astonishing part; this record is the disappointing part.

The whole album just feels a little… blah. There’s nothing really horrible about it, but there’s nothing special either. Everything runs into everything else, and not in the good way. The highlight of the album is Track 1- “When and If” because it hints, HINTS, at some older Ari Hest stuff like “Consistency” where things are more upbeat and he shows the power in his voice, not just the range. The other tracks on the album feel exactly like his EP “The Green Room Sessions”, they’re not stripped down tracks, but they feel like it, and that’s not Ari’s bread and butter. “The Green Room Sessions” was cool because it really showed that Ari was a true artist and he could perform in a stripped down environment. It was unique because it was a slight break from what he used to do. The second go around with that similar style just doesn’t seem as fresh as the first.

While this album is a disappointment, it’s still listenable so it’s not all bad. And with that being said this albums probably not going to do what the label wants it to do, but they probably won’t let Ari go because he has such an incredible talent, and so much potential he’s on the fringe of going huge.


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