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Tyler Bates

"300" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The fact that they are pushing a film score like they’ve pushed the score of “300” has left me in awe. It’s a great concept, and on the concept alone they get bonus points. Have a score made for an epic battle flick that’s both modern and dramatic, have it add something to the movie it was made for, and then push it commercially because it’s good enough to stand on its own. Bad ass.

The score itself is great. Sonically it’s amazing. The percussion thumps harder than pretty much anything else I’ve ever heard. The orchestra elements sound great, as does the unique vocal work in spots. The blending of the orchestra elements and the unique vocal work with more modern techno/modern rock elements is pulled off fantastically. You wouldn’t think something like this could be pulled off, but the guitar/techno mixed in with the older stuff adds a completely different layer to the music that in turn adds a completely different layer to the movie.

You’re not going to listen to this all the time. It’s a film score. You’re not going to pull it out ever other day and just vibe on it, it wasn’t meant for that. However, if you do cross paths with this disc you’ll listen to it a good five or six times, especially if you liked the movie. The unique thing about this score is it can be listened to along with stills from the movie and tell the story. I’m sure there are scores out there that can do the same, but I don’t think they can do it as well. By composing a score directly for a film, and having it be spot on, Bates created music that can stand on its own. As far as I know, that’s the first time this has ever been done with a film score.


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