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Will Hoge

Again Somewhere Tomorrow

In terms of live albums Will Hoge's live album- "Again Somewhere Tomorrow" is pretty good. The quality isn't the best I've ever heard on a live recording, but it's still good. The typical live album rules apply here too. It must be listened to loud. At least three notches above normal listening. So it's like your almost there. And it's only cool to participate like you're a member of the crowd if nobody else is around. and then it's still probably not that cool.

Like any live album or collection of songs there are some songs that you're bummed out didn't make the cut. Hoge's songs "Not that Cool" and "Be the One" from his album "Blackbird on a Lonely Wire" are a couple of my favorites and they've been left off this live album. Also another song that I'm a little bummed out didn't make the cut was "Pocket Full of Change", that song is such an amazing song in a tongue in cheek kind of way. And an omission could have been made to put that song on this disc.

The good news that there's a lot of Hoge stand bys that make this a good live set to listen to. "Woman be Strong" is on here and that is one of Hoge's more amazing songs. His passion and his commitment to his lyrics are unmatched. "Woman be Strong" shows off those traits. The passion comes out on other songs too. Like the song "Rock and Roll Star", it's one of Hoge's better songs and when he's performing it, it's like somebody is stabbing him in the chest, and I imagine that was probably a little bit of the feeling when he initially wrote the song. Another good moment on this live album is Hoge's cover of "Long Tall Sally." He does a great job at covering it, and is probably only a few musicians around that can do that song almost as well as Little Richard.

Hoge's live album "Again Somewhere Tomorrow" is a pretty decent set. It's not one of the best live albums I've ever heard, but its okay. If you're at all in to Hoge, you should give this a listen, you'll probably dig it. If you are a diehard Hoge fan you'll love it. Either way, check it out.


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