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Relient K

Five Score and Seven Years Ago

Relient K's latest album "Five Score and Seven Years Ago", (titled because this is their fifth album in seven years) is another great album of 2007. Roughly 90% of the songs on the album are excellent, with the album reaching its peak at the beginning with the a cappella "Pleading the Fifth", and never falling down. There are a couple of moments where thinks get drowned out, but overall this is an excellent album.

This is some of Relient K's best work creatively, but one of the big differences in the album is the production. Relient K went away from their typical producer Mark Townshend and elected to use Howard Benson. The results couldn't be more satisfying. The band's previous work is well produced and it's some of today's most accessible pop-punk for its diversity, but the work on "Five Score and Seven Years Ago" is some of the best production, some of the most polished work. maybe ever.

The production value of this alone makes this album a must listen. Relient K fans can rejoice because this is as clear and as well as you've ever heard Matt Theisen and the rest of the guys.
The standard that Relient K has set for themselves in terms of diversity Is raised even higher after "Five Score and Seven Years Ago." From the a cappella "Pleading the Fifth" to the 10 minute epic "Deathbed", (which were both produced by Towshend- 2 of his three credits on the album) the range of this band is unmatched. Track 10- "Faking My Own Suicide"- is one of the most different tracks the band has ever done, and one of the best. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but listen to the final track "Deathbed" and listen for the guest vocal. To have that guest vocal on the album pays homage to one of the band's that has paved the way for Christian bands into the mainstream. Qualities like the guest vocal, along with other qualities this band used to keep things fresh and exciting is why this band is so far ahead of other bands that are similar to them.

This is another great album of 2007, and perhaps the best album by a Christian band ever. The production is flawless, the placement is perfect, the songs are creative but genuine, and the music is simply amazing. Everyone should listen to this album at least once, and this album should go down as one of this decade's best.


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