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Falling Away

The problem with Crossfade's latest album "Falling Away" is simple, (I use the term latest loosely because this is one of our longer due reviews.uh sorry.) The problem is it's not complete. Songs end before they should, and the songs that have potential to be great lack certain qualities that prevent them from doing so.

Take the 9th track on the album- "Breathing Slowly", this is the only chill-worthy song on the album. The chorus has the biggest hook on the entire disc, it's catchy but remains creative. Everything goes great until the bridge between the chorus and the verse and the verse itself craps out. On top of that, the song ends with about a :25 second instrumental outro. You can help but shake your head because the key element of hit, an absolute hit, is wasted.

Maybe that's where the band's rapping/sampling thing they had going on the first album with DJ Tony Byroads is missing. Byroads left the band to get married and do his own thing, and from the sounds of things he's missed here. There seems to be :30 second spots everywhere on this album that can be filled with a rap of some kind. Something needs to fill the void, because right now it's just disappointment.

This album isn't all bad. The single "Invincible" is a good song. The second, and just released single "Already Gone" is also decent. But the album really doesn't hit it's stride until around the end of the album, and then it's short lived, about three songs worth. This is an album that's worth listening to, but you'll find yourself skipping a lot of tracks.


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