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It's not the soundtrack to "Garden State" by any means, but it's still okay. It's not meant to be anything spectacular, just a way for the record company to make some money and a way to promote the movie a little bit. I'm not a big rap fan, but I find the Gym Class Heroes tolerable. Here they're pretty good with the first song on the album "Shell Shock." Jet is not good here. Their song "Rip it Up" is also on their album "Shine On", and it's not good here. Cute Is What We Aim For's "There's a Class for This" is on here, which makes it buyable because it's such a good pop song. Cobra Starship is here with some original material that's pretty good. The rest of the album is all filled with WMG recording artists, like Pepper, Billy Talent, This Providence, and Ever We Fall. Decent songs, nothing terrible. A couple of special notes, Amber Pacific has the best song on the soundrack coming in at number 7- "Fall Back Into My Life." Big City Rock also has a song on here. A cover of "Black Betty", not a very good cover, but it's okay. There's a Chris Vrenna Remix of P.O.D.'s song "Lights Out" and absolutely murdered that song. Not a good remix.

Like I said before, the TMNT soundtrack isn't anything special, but it's nothing to turn your nose at either. If anything this is a great collection of bands on the WMG. It's kind of like a sampler. If you're looking for a good collection like that, this is it.


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