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Independence Day

By now you've read here on that the former drummer of Fuel, Kevin Miller, has a new band called Fosterchild. And the band's album "Independence Day" is probably the closest thing you're going to find to hard-ass, right in your face rock music these days. Everything on this album is smokin'. Right from the start this band grabs your ears and puts it's knee right in your face- and you can't help but love it. Miller is equally stellar on the drums here as he was in Fuel. Lead singer Danny Beissel has an awesome voice. Sorry for the fuel reference here, but Danny has a voice that is as equally powerful as Brett Scallion's. I used to think Scallions was in a class all his own, but Beissel is right there. His vocals are simply amazing. Some of the best I've heard in the last few years. Brian Quinn is on guitar and his solos are solid, they're not overpowering, but when they're on, they're dominant. Erick Leonhardt completes the rhythm section with Miller, and Leonhardt is just as good as the rest of the band. This is an awesome band.

The album itself is just as good as the band. It's hard to believe that apart from Miller, none of this band has had any mainstream success. It’s also hard to believe that Miller was never allowed to be a part of the creative process with Fuel. This album is produced excellently. It just shines. If Fosterchild doesn't work out for Miller, he could produce professionally and be damn good at it.

In terms of songs on this album, more than half of these are solid, two or three are just okay, but there are a couple of stinkers too, namely "Sugar Cookie." No offense to anybody, but this song is awful. In the 80's songs like this were the thing, ask Motley Crue. But in the 21st Century, after the 90's grunged out, and there was an artistic movement so to speak, songs like this don't work. You might like it, but three and a half minutes of singing over and over about your chick's sugar cookie, or your sugar cookie isn't a good time to me. Maybe somebody thinks it's a good sugar cookie, but does said sugar cookie need to have a radio single? Bonus points for the cowbell though, so instead of horrible, it's just a track to skip.

Overall Fosterchild's "Independce Day" is a good album. And one of the strongest debuts so far of '07. Check these guys out, you won't be disappointed, just don't listen to "Sugar Cookie" first. This is a great debut from a talented band. The future is very bright for Fosterchild.


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