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The Exies

A Modern Way of Living With the Truth

The Exies return with their brand new album “A Modern Way of Living With the Truth” and like their past albums, their straight ahead rock formula is the predominant sound on this album. That’s not a bad thing when crafting prefect modern rock tracks is what you do best, and that’s exactly what the Exies do. From the guitar driven riffs of “A Fear of Being Alone” to the driving, building sounds of “This is the Sound,” the Exies pick up right where they left off on “Head for the Door.” But perhaps the Exies are at their best on tracks like “Stray” and “Dose” both show flashes of a softer almost melodic undertones, but they don’t wander too far away as they enclosed nicely by guitar driven choruses. Also noteworthy is the song “These Are the Days,” a song originally recorded by the band Red Handed, whom was recently signed to Virgin Records. All in all, The Exies have an undeniable ability to write great modern rock songs, and at times do better than Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, or any other big name band dominating the modern rock charts today.


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