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William Tell

You Can Hold Me Down

As former guitarist of Something Corporate, William Tell is no stranger to the spotlight, and from the diverse sounds of his impressive solo debut, he’s going to be in it for sometime to come. With as great of a band as Something Corporate was, its no surprise that there was more talent to that band than just lead singer Andrew McMahan, as Tell’s ability to write hook filled songs is undeniable after just one listen to “You Can Hold Me Down.” From the opener “Jeannie”, to the radio friendly “Slipping Under”, to the almost eclectic sounding single “Fairfax,” Tell dabbles in just about every style. His writing is never better than on “Like You, Only Sweeter” a driving piano ballad that proudly displays Tell’s heart on his sleeve. Although it’s the shortest song on the album, “Young at Heart” is also a notable track, arranged to perfectly compliment Tell’s vocals. While many would expect his sound to be an extension of that of his former band, it’s a stretch to say Tell’s debut resembles his Something Corporate roots at all.


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