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Seventh Day Slumber

Finally Awake

Follow up to 2005’s ‘Once Upon A Shattered Life’ on the Tooth and Nail imprint BEC, finds Seventh Day Slumber treading familiar territory; Pop metal with a distinct nod in the direction of bands like label-mates Kutless or a beefed up Jeremy Camp. Taking their lead from Joseph Rojas’ introspective lyrics-his former drug addiction has been well documented- and a solid wall of guitars, Seventh Day Slumber although somewhat generic manage to incorporate some worthwhile hook lines and hard hitting choruses into songs like opener ‘Awake’, ‘Last Regret’ or the infectious ‘Broken Buildings’ where the band sound remarkably like Lit. Elsewhere, the whole consistency is disrupted by the inclusion of far too many ballads and down tempo forays, such as ‘Breakaway’ and ‘On My Way Home’. Lyrically there are references to the Christian faith, but aside from a couple of songs, any overt stance by the band could generally be translated as a reference to relationships. Once again the album will do well in Christian markets, but undoubtedly it will fail within the secular sphere-many Christian artists have found this over the years- as mainstream radio refuses to touch music deemed to be of Christian persuasion. I don’t think Seventh Day Slumber or indeed BEC records really care one way or the other. More fool those who miss out on good music through their petty prejudices.


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